Painting, as part of the creative process, is a profoundly joyous experience resulting in deep satisfaction and is a wonderfully liberating act bringing much beauty to my life.

The vital power of abstract art and its universal expression become a vehicle for the passion and life-force within, creating an exhilarating moment of self expression. While in that present moment and allowing the energy flow freely, the love of expressing becomes the language of the soul and as such helps the unknown to reveal itself. At times, mythical archetypes involved in mysterious settings appear on the canvas, emerging, as if liberated through the ether - a story appears, penetrating layers of trained mental constructs as the energy is allowed to flow freely. The result becomes an expression of deeper strata of one's being where flow is of the essence and what is revealing itself on the canvas is an emotion, an inner journey where my spirit is liberated to roam freely.


Being born and raised on an island by the North Sea, the ocean with its many moods - at times tempestuous - has instilled in me vivid and precious memories. The gardener in me enjoys painting flower motifs and expresses a mood. Also, Figurative Expressionism, working with personal photographs of family and friends, has been an added theme.

My Scandinavian upbringing and many years of living in France and Germany have given me the opportunity to experience a multitude of artistic expressions. In my local community, I have been an active member since the creation of the Ottawa West Arts Association (OWAA) and the owaa gallery where my past role was that of Publicity Chair.

Two distinct careers that embraced the corporate world and holistic health (N.H.C.), as well as ongoing energy work (CHOW Qigong Instructor) and metaphysical studies have given me a broad insight into the human condition. My background has also given me an acute sense of freedom - freedom to express and, as an artist, freedom to venture into working with media as diverse as oil, acrylic, and watercolour.

The joy of learning is inherent to my nature and I am indebted to several artists from whom I have received instruction.